How to get started?

Want to get started, but have no idea what you need and which to sign up for? Our short Question and Answer will lead you through:
I want to:
  • Have a unique email address but I want my emails forwarded to my other email accounts
  • Have a unique name so that i can share my websites easily to other people but i want to use my existing free website or hosting account

What you will need:
  • A domain name

What can I do with just a domain name:
  • You can forward your website to an existing website
  • You can forward your emails to an existing email address

I want to:
  • Show information about my products
  • Blog
  • Keep a collection of my photos
  • Sell products / services

What you will need:
  • Domain name (optional)
  • Webhosting account

What can I do with my domain name and webhosting account:
  • I can host website on my own private and personal account
  • I can place my own advertisements on my website
  • I can place contents on the Internet but require users to login before viewing it
  • I can have a advertisement free email account

What's the difference?

A domain name gives you an unique Internet name which allows you to point to your website and it also allows you to have your own unique email address.

Having a server that run web services and email services is not enough, all servers are identified with an Internet Protocol (IP) address which are all numbers, for eg. However, we don't want to tell our friends to visit our website at, because that's too tedious -- so we use domain names.

With a domain name, you can uniquely identify yourself and share your website address with people more conveniently. Try this, "Hi Alfred, check out my website at".

Now after you have registered a domain name, why is it not working? Its going to nowhere currently, because a domain is simply a Internet address that is being represented. You will need a server for your domain to point to. Depending on individual needs, the server can be setup to serve various services like web services, email services, database services and so on.

A hosting account that provides will allow you to show case your webpages, use your unique name to send and receive emails, and host database driven websites. Our servers are equipped with all the relevant services to get your website and email going.
Right here at, if you purchase only a domain name, but do not require a webhosting account, we can provide you domain forwarding and email forwarding, simply write in to us.
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